Summer 2021

This year marks the first of the now mostly vaccinated populous to emerge from the strangeness of Covid-19 and our Stay at Home life. For Flyn Gypsy Arts, and myself, I am celebrating several things. Classes in my area have resumed, with masks and gloves. I continue to offer Virtual Art Classes, utilizing Zoom, Google Meet or Facebook Messenger.

I am busy adding features and purchase options to various aspects of my website. See the first PayPal purchase links on the Tulip Portfolio. Currently, interested students can contact me about signing up. I am hard at work on a direct reservation tool, however, prospective students are accommodated on a first come first served basis.

Ancient Tulips III, acrylic on canvas paper, 4 x 6 inches, unframed, by Artist, Jessica L. Kronika, copyright 5/8/2020. All copyrights reserved.

Starting in May 2021, my Tulips Series, featuring works developed initially for my Virtual Tulip Tour Workshop in 2020, and new works throughout the rest of the year 2020 and into 2021. These original drawings and paintings are part of the exhibits at Dancing Krow Studio Gallery in Oak Park, IL, and will be featured through the summer in the Facebook posts on the Gallery. Select works are on display at the brick and mortar site now, and the entire collection will be on display for our Pop Up Gallery event June 12th, 11am-3pm, while the collection will be available for viewing and select purchase online at my Tulip Series Portfolio. See you this weekend!

This month, June 2021, will see the release of Nastassia Kronika‘s new book, Hidden Foxes, featuring my illustration, Hidden Foxes Shrine Garden & Spirit Fox on the cover of the paperback distributed by Amazon, and on the cover and synopsis page of the e-book, carried by Kindle. Get your copy of the paperback or e-book here. Signed copies of the book will be available by contacting the illustrator or author via her page on Facebook.

Recent projects include a variety of tulip drawings and paintings, a sketch of the gazebo at Perry Farm, a portrait of Elvis, a fauve landscape in the bold colors of autumn, strawberry blossoms and more. I look forward to sharing more available paintings and drawings via the galleries in development here at Fly’n Gypsy Arts over the Summer and Fall.

Happy Artmaking!

Jessica Kronika