Home of Journeys Coloring Books

The Spring & Summer Journeys Coloring book, featuring holidays Imbolc through Litha is available. Now taking orders for individual and wholesale copies. Consignment is also available for select shops.


The 12 page book, Journey through the Solstices, released in Fall 2015, features ink illustrations and educational text with five pages for each of the solstices, Summer and Winter. This short book has a fully colorable cover and features a back ad page with more information on the work in progress 46 page full book, Journey through the Year, with all eight pagan holidays. Each holiday has illustrated pages for the symbols, god, goddess, ritual and celebration or outdoor scene linked to the time of the year. Individual and wholesale copies available, see below for contact information.

Wheel 1 with text Teaser Cover

Coming ! Harvest Journeys Coloring Book, featuring Lammas, Mabon and Samhain is in progress. Watch for more details later.

cover sm

The complete 46 page book, Journey Through the Year is in progress. This book features all eight holidays, hand drawn and inked pages full of symbols, deities and rituals of each season, and a full color version of the design above.

Contact artist@flyngypsyarts.com or 847.722.7032 for ordering information. A Paypal invoice will be sent with further instructions via email in response to requests for individual and wholesale orders.

One thought on “Home of Journeys Coloring Books

  1. Use the link for the order form to download a copy and email to place your individual or wholesale order. Contact me, artist, Jessica Kronika if you have questions about ordering this coloring book!


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