Michael’s Downers Grove Classes


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with Grumbacher Certified Instructor

Jessica Kronika


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   1516 Butterfield Road

     Downers Grove IL 60515

January 2019 Classes

Acrylic Painting (Beginner)
Wednesdays 10am-12pm

minimalist flower garden

1/2 Floral Impressionist Primrose


1/9 Floral Magnolia

Final Painting

1/16 Still Life Fruit Bowl with Geometric Rainbow Tiles


1/23 Seascape Classic Wave with Boats


1/30 Floral Gossamer Grasses with Metallics

Drawing (Intermediate)
Wednesdays 1-3pm

Added 9_06 Fox Portrait

1/2 Still Life/Animal Fox Portrait


1/9 Floral Dragonfly & Flower

The_Leader by Melanie Maria Palmer

1/16 Landscape The Leader

gray shoreline

1/23 Seascape Shoreline with Birds

Koi Drawing

1/30 Still Life Animal Koi Fish

Drawing (Beginner)
Wednesdays 4-6pm

detail 12

1/2 Still Life Loon & Reflection


1/9 Landscape Lighthouse


1/16 Landscape Row Boat on the Lake

1/23 Landscape Gesture Drawing

The Antique Teapot

1/30 Still Life Antique Teapot

Acrylic Painting (Intermediate)
Thursdays 11-1pm

finished painting.jpg

1/3 Still Life Impressionist Watermelon

Finished paintign

1/10 Floral Blue Iris


1/17 Still Life Peacock

Bird in the Birches by Alice Melo.jpg

1/24 Landscape Bird in the Birches

finished painting.jpg

1/31 Still Life Impressionist Pitcher & Fruit

Watercolor Painting
Thursdays 2-4pm

Sand hill Cranes water paper blur.jpg

1/3 Still Life/ Animal Sandhill Cranes


1/10 Landscape Animal Ibis Flying

Purple wetland flowers

1/17 Floral Purple Wetland Flowers

1/24 Landscape Gesture with Brush & Dip pen (Heart of Palm)

Finished Painting

1/31 Landscape Geese Flock in Motion

Acrylic Painting (Beginner)
Thursdays 5-7pm


1/3 Seascape Mackinac Bridge with Cattails

Ocean Creatures

1/10 Still Life Ocean Creatures


1/17 Floral Magnolia


1/24 Landscape The Dutch Barn


1/31 Floral Landscape Wildflowers


Optional Supplies:


Supply kits can be purchased in store or online, see above for visual samples or in store for more information. Acrylic and Watercolor syllabi detail the necessary supplies. Prepared kits for these supplies are now available!

Many painting classes will require additional colors of paint, brushes and canvas panels. Request your class syllabus in the store. Some drawing classes will have color options, for these please use the colored pencil kit pictured or similar set of 12 to 24 colors.

If you have any questions about registrations or supplies please call the Downers Grove Michaels at: (630) 812-1305.

Thank you.


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