Virtual Art Classes

Safe at Home Virtual Tulip Tour 2021

Old & Rare Tulips, Watercolor

Welcome to our Covid-19 alternative to traveling to this year’s Tulip Festival an online workshop

Drawing Projects include:

Session one and two, a Thumbnail Composition and a Perspective Project.

Session three, four, and five, Gesture studies in pencil or sketching with paint, and Color studies.

Session six, a Full Color final tulip flower or landscape painting in your choice of media and selected from available personal photos, online search results or virtual tour link photo stills. This project can be repeated with multiple images, including a variety of tulips, landscapes and more!

Students can use their basic class kits for these. If you have questions about what materials you might need for an effect, please contact me.

Jessica Kronika

Students Choice of Supplies:                   

Ancient tulip varieties, art stix on black
  1. Eraser and 2B pencil
  2. 80# or better sketch book for studies, minimum 8 x 10 ”
  3. Pencil sharpener
  4. Watercolor Painting kit OR
  5. Acrylic Painting kit OR
  6. Oil Painting kit OR
  7. Graphite or Colored Pencil kit OR
  8. Marker kit OR
  9. Oil or Chalk Pastel kit
  10. optional: tracing paper or graphite paper for using gesture studies in final works

Class fees are now:

$50/hour Facebook or Gmail Video Chat one-on-one sessions with PowerPoint or Google presentation.

$50 Zoom 40 minute one-on-one or group session with Live Sketch video from the studio.

This Workshop involves three sessions to complete all tour activities. Students may continue with regular classes with individual sessions at the same rate.

Scheduling: Please select your preferred day of the week, time of day and dates in March through June 2021. Students are encouraged to continue with previously scheduled session times, however, exceptions may be possible.

Weekday and some select weekend time slots will be available. Contact me for more specific information.


  • Computer browser to view MP4 video links
  • Facebook, Google Meet or Zoom video chat capability; (ie web or cell phone camera, speakers and microphone.)
  • Payment via PayPal (Invoice link for full payment of three sessions; or you can pay for individual sessions and receive weekly email reminders)

Included materials:

Perspective sketch, Tulip Time Parade, pencil

VIDEO   Live sketch is available via Zoom only.

PDF       Full color study guide with photos and sample images for projects.

PPT or Google Presentation

Session Handouts

1 Thumbnails & Perspective

2 Gesture and Color studies

3 Full Color with samples for Watercolor, Acrylic & Oil.

Direct Tulip Tour links to a variety of tulips and landscapes at farm, festival, zoo, arboretum, etc.

Get ready to participate!

  1. Register: Schedule your preferred class time, and preferred program for chat (Google or Facebook) via an email or text. Jessica Kronika,, 847-722-7032,
  2. Pay workshop fee via Paypal link (Please specify if you prefer to receive email, text or Facebook Messenger link)
  3. Receive confirmation of your registration and payment with emailed links to videos, handout(s) and study guide pdf
  4. Watch videos, review study guide and each session handout prior to scheduled time
  5. Select flower, landscape, perspective, windmill, canal or festival images.
  6. Use Windows snipping tool or Apple Grab to select from the paused screen and save a picture. Let me know if you need help finding these, they are a standard application on your Windows or Apple.
  7. Print if you will need the same device screen to see video chat. Please identify the minute count where you paused any video, send with link and/or file of your photo and send to instructor.
  8. Set out your supplies
  9. Have a beverage &/or snack nearby
  10. Open Facebook or Google Gmail
  11. Instructor will contact you to open the chat at your scheduled date(s) and time(s)

Coming Soon!

Watercolor Painting: 3 – 40 minute Zoom sessions, or up to 3 hours Face Time or Google Meet classes.

Loon Nesting I and II

Acrylic Painting: 3 – 40 minute Zoom sessions, or up to 3 hours FaceTime or Google Meet classes.

Gossamer Grasses with Metallics

One-on-one or small group virtual classes with additional resources are now available.

Existing students have first priority on existing schedules. New students will have options for scheduling as available.

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